Tami Reyes — San Antonio, Texas

She is not a good mother, she doesn’t even know who her babies fathers are. She gets Money for being mentally retarted and Physco lol, she makes everybody’s life miserable because she’s a low life a55 physco bitch that’s why her family doesn’t even talk to her anymore. She needs to get her kids taken away cause she’s a physco nasty a55 pill popper. Don’t get too close to her you might catch something she’s well known to be a homie hopper, this b1tch cries wolf when sh1t doesn’t go her way and she puts the blame on everyone else cause she’s a schizophrenic a55 b1tch. This b1tch needs to get her fuking a55 beat already & what happened to your brother needs to happen to you. Guys don’t sleep with her because she’ll use you for child support cause she can’t find her own fuking job, this b1tch lives off the fuking government & if your fat hippo a55 & your fat lesbian friend sees this , MESSAGE ME H0E.


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