Trenton Wieties – Illinois

Trenton Wieties whom also goes by Trent Wieties is a Stalker type – Lives in Collinsville, Illinois. Pretends to be single and uses apps to hide affairs from his wife Sarah Wieties – Tells woman anything to get them in bed – after brags how he is married and has done this numerous times. Brags that he has girls if different states – even after he gets what he wants – will not leave you alone – brags that he even uses game apps to meet people – uses snapchat to hide from his wife – makes fake Facebook pages and will not stop contacting you – brags his wife had to change his number to stop girls he was with from contacting him – talks bad about his wife once he admits to being married – she is numb to the affairs she is so use to it he brags that she will never leave him because she doesn’t work. he will ruin any life to get sex. no morals no class POS. uses military reserve as way to travel and hook up with random strangers – be careful you don’t catch something from this person. brags he was having affair while his wife “sarah wieties” was pregnant and having their 2nd child. she doesn’t even care anymore and enables him because she has no where to go. watch your kids and women around this scum – makes himself sound great to earn trust – talks about how he is prison guard and in military to make you feel at ease – discreetly asks about current relationship and focuses on anything negative you say to turn you against whom ever you are with so he can hookup. Will tell you anything even pretend to move by you to cheat on his wife. Purposely tries to get with married woman and has kids because less likely they will make a scene once they find out the monster he is. Stay away from him at all costs to protect your self and family

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