Trent Wieties – illinois

He told me his name was Norman Weber. His real name is Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties and online says he lives in Collinsville, IL. He said he was single and ex wife stalks him. He is really married and living with a woman name Sarah Wieties. He is having affairs and cheating behind her back. We talked for 3 to 4 months on the phone and through snapchat. We met up at the Loyalty Inn on Maryville Rd, Maryville, IL. It was a low end cheap hotel, but he said this was all he could afford. After we were done having sex which didn’t take long, he made an excuse and said he had to leave for work. He rushed out and left me alone. I tried calling him to talk. His number was just ringing with no answer. I tried to message him on snap and text, but no response. I was blocked on snapchat. Days later his number was not in service. I was used by Trent to have an affair and all he wanted was sex not a relationship like he told me. I realized he was not who he said he was. After much searching online I found his pictures all over many cheating sites. He has done this to many othes. He didn’t use protection, and some say he has STDs. I am going to get checked ASAP. I hope his wife and others find out about him so he doesn’t keep doing this to everyone. He needs to be held accountable.


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