Stephen Hays – Texas

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Stephen R Hays, Managing Partner of Deep Space Ventures in Dallas Texas, plead guilty and was convicted of felony charges of extortion, assault, and other crimes in federal court. Stephen is now a convicted felon.

This is in addition to his other criminal charges of trespass, lewd conduct, witness tampering, property damage, and public intoxication spread over a decade.

One of his victims, Ms. Spears, is an entrepreneur and CEO of a company Stephen was working with in Colorado. After he beat her unconscious, she was rushed to the emergency room where she was treated for a concussion, facial trauma, bruises and lacerations.

Besides security camera footage of the assault, there are 2 eye witnesses that testified against Stephen. The security camera footage went viral on YouTube. When confronted with this evidence, Stephen quickly plead guilty and asked the court for mercy.

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