Paula Filiatreau — Reno, Nevada

Paula Filiatreau worked her way into my marriage when my husband and I were having a bad day. He apparently fell for her stupidity and I no longer mattered and I am not sure how long it had been happening. They have worked together for years, and he was just looking for someone to listen. Not crawl into his head. She knew he was married, and living at home, with his wife, and 2 kids. She messaged our daughter trying to explain how great of a man her father was, but could not explain how or why she felt this way. He denied her at first, but went to work one day, and decided not to come back home to his family and rather to her and her kid. He says it is a mid-life but I only see him as a pervert who also preyed on a child. She was 6 when we first got together. SO to me, that is disgusting in every way possible. She claims she wants nothing to do with our kids, and my kids will never ever be in the same room with her. I do not see how I am supposed to “be friends” with my kids father when he was lying to me for however long it was… yet here I am single, while he is off in a relationship with this kid. You cannot go from everyday I love you, to I do not want to be there at all anymore in just 1 day of knowing someone on that personal a level. 20 years together thrown away for what? This is his 2nd time doing this with someone he worked with. Now my kids are suffering and I am in a hospital room, as of 9 days now due to other health issues, unrelated to him. (kidney stones + some heart issues) he does not want to bring kids to see me, does not want to talk to me, will not even be in any room with me.


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