Nikki Paul — Halifax, Canada

This is Nikki Paul and let me tell you this girl is bat sh1t crazy! She will tell people that she’s going to kill herself just to get what she wants and then she will act like nothing was ever said at all she has done this so many time to so many diffrent people! She makes fake accounts on Facebook just so she can start drama in your life. She acts like she has her sh1t together but she’s a full blown junkie and will fuk every drug dealer she knows just so she can get a pill or a hit of Crack! I have watched her use someone elses dirty needle because she didn’t have one of her own and she KNEW that there was a rumor going around that he had DRD but she only cared about getting that pill into her. After that most of the drug dealers wouldn’t touch her so she started fuking anyone she could and I mean she was fuking without a condom for $50 -$100 dollars. I seem this girl have 4 old men over in a day and she didn’t even shower in between haveing sex with them because she was too busy running to the Crack dealers house after each one left… this girl become so foul that you couldnt even sit nexts to her without smelling dirty c00chie! Everyone in Halifax would call her nasty Nikki. She also has two kids that gotten taken away from her along time ago and she wouldn’t even go see them because all she cared about was drugs she just picked up and fuked off on them completely. Don’t trust a thing this girl says because she will lie and lie to get whatever she wants and she doesn’t give a sh1t about who she hurts or who she steals from…. she’s playing it off like she has changed but it’s all just a big game to her. Even with the poor guys she’s with now if he only knew the truth! If he only knew that she still talks to other guys includeing her ex and I have the messages to prove it…as well as the not so nice pictures she has sent him yup he’s kept it all lol I’m so tired of her lies and her games everyone should know who Nikki really is and how many people she has fuked over and used and lied to just to get what she wanted. Im close with some of her family and her brother hates her her own father told me once that hes so disgusted in the things she has done and that she has caused him so much pain and embarrassement. It’s about time someone puts her on blast and she’s finally called out! And your man will see the messages and the pictures you couldn’t hide forever nikki.


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