Naomi Rios – Texas

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This girl gets around! All these dudes in such a short amount of time haha,
Naomi’s newest is another one of her coworkers that are in the same cirlcle lol only been with the company a couple of months and has already thrown herself around the dealerships guys for attention shes all desperate for and got divorced because of it lol but little does she know that we all talk and still thinks that we really believe her when she tries to lie her way out of everything but really we just don’t want to have to deal with her trouble and get to involved so we just pretend we are cool and go with it. Don’t just believe what I say, here is proof that she really does wrap herself around all the guys at Carcash and then tries to get mad once she hears that we all notice. Yeah I’d be ashamed to even take this girl around my family knowing how she is and her rep even just at work. Lol
This is San Antonio’s perfect example of the worst type of woman you can know. She will cause all this trouble over drama at work that she starts then she gets you involved by telling everyone her business and then your stuck with her trying to guilt trip you into defending her even though you know she’s lying. She’s sick. If none of this was true she wouldn’t even care but the fact that she makes everything so big, shows that it is true and she will do anything to cover it up. Watch your back everyone.

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