Michelle Hess — Canon City, Colorado

This woman has had multiple affairs on her husband..she divorced her husband and moved in a pedophile when that relationship ended she came crawling back to her husband and like a fool he took her back..Six or so years later she’s working at a convenience store. and In my opinion she’s sleeping with her boss a scum bag named Jessie Garcia.. she recently left her husband for this pos. Her husband is a good guy who is disabled, she left him with the two children and no money.. she took all the income taxes and bought Booze and birth control..she won’t even buy her children food.. her husband is devastated and near suicidal.. she’s a cereal cheater and is a narcissistic uncaring lying Thief.. she currently works at the convince store across from sonic in canon city.. and honey you think you got everyone fooled at work think again you don’t…


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