Melly Mackavelli — Regina, Canada

So the skank on the left is just another One of Regina’s dirty a55 h0e bags. But the pathetic, disgusting loser skank hoe bag on the right is Melanie Rope. ( Google her) This uneducated college drop out threw her life away a long time ago when she got arrested and convicted for dealing hard drugs and firearms for her loser fuking felon boyfriend. Now she’s almost 31, unemployed with no skills or degrees. Her only source of income is her gross Melly Mack fan page where low life loser men pay a cheap price to watch her diddle her stretched out mit on webcam. Oh and the welfare Cheque’s she collects from the government. Who would hire her anyway? She steals coins from the till. This sexist, self proclaimed feminist cvnt hates all men just cuz she’s never been able to find a descent one. I don’t know anyone miserable enough to lower them selves to her level anyway and date that gross mess. Keep fuking with people Smelly Melly! Melanie Rope representing the Dakota people ✊🏾


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