Jeff Curtis – Kentucky

Jeff and I met on an Adult Website in Oct 2018 ( Fetlife ) He was in one of the same groups I was in and had a great sense of humor and loved the Blues and that’s what drew me to him . I sent a simple hello that little did I know within 9 months would land me in Kentucky penniless and homeless by his own hand . My Mother had just passed away and he knew I was hurting , and needed kind words . He dug out every single way to get to me , even using God and the nightly reading of the Bible to get to me . He asked me to come to Ky and marry him after I flew out to meet him and spend a week in his home . He asked me to sell my home , and he would take care of me , and I’d never have to be alone again . I sold my home in Feb , went to Ky and began a good life with him , or so I really thought . I had left after paying off my Mother’s funeral and other expenses 12,000.00 . Once I got there he had a new phone number , and he would keep his phone close by , and hidden . He became needy about money , fretting and throwing fits because he was about to lose this or that , even being sued over a jeep he had defaulted payment on , that he hid in the garage to keep repo people from getting . I gave freely of some money , some I had issues over giving but once he kept telling me how important I was or that he loved me , or start discussing wedding plans , I handed over the money with his promise to pay me back , such things as money for the attorney ( 600.00 ) , for a lawn mower ( 1399.00 ) for work clothes ( 275.00 ) food ( 2000.00 for 5 months worth of groceries ) and 7,000.00 on a business we began , that he kept once I was thrown out …. Within 2 months of our moving in together , I found out he was cheating , on a site called POF , he had 9 women on there , 3 of which lived nearby , and had asked to marry him , only one knew of me , he hid me from the rest , he also had some 82 women on his facebook hidden from me and me from them .. when I confronted him he asked for forgiveness about it all and said he would stop and seek counsel thru the Church we went to … but then within a week , he took back going to Church and another woman came forth and told me she had been seeing him down on the riverfront of Louisville during their breaks and lunches and she had been seeing him while he was driving my truck , she described everything in my truck … we were having breakfast when she called and told me , and when I asked him he said she was just some trouble maker , but then began being abusive to me verbally … and finally , putting his hands on me which landed him in DV court with a RO against him … he put me out of the home and kept everything I could not carry or fit in my van …. I lost furniture , and many other things I took there or bought while there ….


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