Hannah Griffith — Burlington, Massechusetts

This woman worked with my husband for just three months before weaseling her way in with him, she told him her boyfriend had beaten her up and asked him to come over and “hang” out to protect her while he came and got his stuff. I did some digging and found out none of that was true!! He never beat her and he never was going to get his stuff. He took it with him the day he left… she knew he was married with six kids and continued to pursue him for 17 months before I found out for sure by catching them myself she swore they were just friend’s in February 2016 but what I saw when I caught them in July 2017 told a whole different tale and my marriage is not the first that she has ruined she goes after older married men she is 23 my now ex- husband is 34 her new boo is 56 watch out for this one it’s never a pleasant ending with her… give her a little bit of attention and she’ll latch on like a leech… she knew about his family the whole time and even braged at their work place that our oldest son knew about her and seen pictures of her!! My son told me about said picture and that is what let up to me doing my own detective work…


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