Trent Wieties — Collinsville, Illinois

With this guy for 3 months – told me name was Tyler White – real name is Trent Wieties or Trenton Wieties – told me he was single – his wife Sarah left him for another man – all lies he is married cheater – after 2 weeks begged to meet at hotel – after 2 month met him – after he blocked me on snap and his number is not in service – googled snap id and really Trent Wieties – used his kids to get trust with me – he is a liar and cheater – watch out – doesn’t use protection get tested – said this was more than a summer fling – don’t fall for his lines – stay away dirty cheating liar. Sarah Wieties will be contacted and I will send the nude pics he sent soon as I can get her.


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