This lying cheating MARRIED women has full blown AIDS and is spreading it to men and women. She is bi-sexual and we have slept together for 5yrs before I found out that she got married on me to a man (ELVIS DWAYNE JILES) who was HIV positive and now has full blown AIDS. They both work for UPS in Chicago and they have infected hundreds of people over the years. They don’t inform people that they are infected or married so they lead people into believing they are single. These are disgusting criminals who should be locked up!!! She continues to stalk and harass me because she knows I know about their dirty swinging life style and I’m exposing it. I found HIV pills in her home that’s how I found out she was infected. In addition to their HIV status they are alcoholics, drug user and thieves!!! They steal from UPS and sell the items all the time!! They are the worst example of parents there is!!! SHAKILA can’t be trusted at any job or school because she flirts and sleeps with coworkers and classmates (ON THE JOB) I know because she had sex with me on the job! I’m so happy I’m HIV free but I was a lucky one! PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF BOTH OF THEM!! YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!


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