Monalisa Rivers – Varnville, South Carolina

Her name is Monalisa Rivers (Gorilla) broken my marriage and home. She was my husband ex girlfriend and as been harrasing us for two years. He even told her it was over and for her to move on with her life. Mona began to harrass me by calling my phone and leaving threat messages. She supposed to be woman of God keeps going to church. She practices voodoo black magic to get my spouse back into her life. She succeed but what a price to pay. My husband left leaving my daughter without any given reason. He started to change for the worst spreading lies about me to make himself look good and making excuses to leave. My message to the both of you the wages of sin is DEATH. You will be cast into everlasting torment. Mona you will never fill-in my shoes and Robert you can find no one to fill them. You got yourself a Rock Bottom Downgrade Wh*re and I’m exposing your trifling dirt. I’m sure you must feel relieved that you no longer have to sneak around. Both of you deserve every bit of Karma that comes your way, and when it hits you, and I know it will, picture my face with a big huge smile on it.


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