Kesha Davis – Florida

Kesha Davis is a true liar, cheater and skeezer. This woman has been with all kinds of men, has trapped a few, and recently has one caught in her web, while dating others on the side. where she keeps finding these lames, I have no idea, but she does. I know her quite well and has witnessed her games. She has kids by different men and is a poor excuse for a mother. She is a liar, folling guys into thinking she wants a long-term situation, until they commit, then she is out the door with the next man…usually someone she already had on the side waiting. She is a low-class bottom type b*tch, to be quite frank. She recently has snagged a real loser, a guy who was married with a family. She planned to trap him by getting pregnant and she most certainly did! I couldn’t believe she got away with it but she did. I feel sad for the families she affects but not the men. They will get what is coming to them sooner than later! She has no intent on being in a longterm relationship, and she brags about that to her family, often. It is more like a game to her, to see if she can get a man to commit or to leave his home…and it works!!!


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