Joseph Gilbert – Michigan

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First off this is a shot out to anyone that has dealings with this FUCKING RAT. Yeah that’s right. This dude likes to jump in bed with the cops and lie on someone when he gets his feelings hurt or when he does a person dirty in order to get protection from one time. This dude is a fucking worthless piece of shit. He’s a coward he’s jobless he’s got four kids and he don’t even take care of not a one. let’s see what else oh yes he only has one testicle so the little faggets like a Cyclops. He’s a fucking con artist he’s a lowlife piece of dirt he has not had a legit job in his entire fracking life he has to have his youngest daughter advertise for him in order to sell his illegally grow operation weed on Instagram and Snapchat this guy is a thief he’s a liar he’s a Harvey Dent. This guy had me looking at a long time in prison cause me to lose my three-year-old daughter to the state all because of a lie and then this cocksucker wants to run his fucking dick sucking faggot ass mouth and still talk shit to me oh but not face to face and not over the phone and not even by text by third-party because this dude’s a fucking coward and wouldn’t stand two fucking seconds Toe to Toe with me all because this mother fucker doesn’t know how to treat a woman properly and then gets thrown to the fucking curb after 24 fucking years and come to think of it I got proof that he’s a child molester of his own two children females daughters 24 + 19 we’ll wrap it up by saying this you talk shit about me or you talk shit about my wife ever again and I fucking hear about it I promise you that you will Rue the day that you ever fucking saw my picture on the internet yeah bitch you heard me I said my wife you fucking sponge you leach you fucking rat you rat faggot piece of fucking shit coward that’s what you are that sums it all up a fucking cowardly little rat hiding in your fucking stupid little state behind a fucking keyboard and a cell phone you make me sick Bro I promise you I did more in my fucking life than you ever fucking could in two fucking lifetimes. Oh and Angela yeah we divorced bitch so you can go ahead you can suck this nigga’s dick all you want you can fucking agree with whatever he fucking says because you two are perfect for each other

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