HEATHER Rachelle HYMEL – New Orleans, Louisiana

THIS FOUL MOUTHED PIECE OF LOW LIFE TRASH JUST GOT ARRESTED AGAIN!!! For YES coming back to our home this week AND stalking my husband EVERY DAY at his new job since she got him fired from his last 2 jobs!!! That’s fine because I GOT HER FIRED FROM HER LAST ONE FOR HARASSING ME WHILE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING!! Sending photos in her work uniform from the work bathroom saying all kinds of nasty crap!!! HOW DUMB CAN THIS BITCH BE???? So yeah this is now the third time we had her arrested, he had to call 911 after work while she tried to run him off of the road!! She has assaulted him 3 times this week also! He IS pressing charges. Burn In Hell you piece of sh1t Heather Rachelle Hymel She is a trashy low life HOMEWRECKER!!! Rogue Skank and total shameless slore Heather Rachelle Hymel AKA formerly derby skater Toni Smasheries for 3 seasons 10 years ago, is formerly Heather R Casner and Heather R Worthington because of her two ruined marriages. She probably ruined them because is an off balance, total psycho and nut job so it’s no wonder she’s 2 times divorced! She is also known as EX roller derby skater Toni Smasheries, to listen to her she’s been skating 10 years which is a complete lie. She hasn’t been on any team roster for over 6 years. She was ONLY even on 3 different teams each for ONE season!! Heather who lives in Denham Springs, LA and works as a very crappy bartender, prefers to work at places like hooters, twin peaks and tilted kilt so she can dress like the slvt she is, Shake her old 40 year old a55 when everyone Who works there is in there 20’s, and where sloring for sugar daddies is widely accepted. She has worked at FAR too many bars because NO ONE likes her and she always gets FIRED!!! Also, She’s lost her job 2 times at Hooters and at BJs Brewhouse for screwing the managers!!! She likes to do that at places she works at because she looks for a man with a good job who is a sucker and she try’s to reel them in to get her bills paid. She doesn’t care if they are married or have a girlfriend. EX skater Toni Smasheries, aka Heather Rachelle Hymel, has been making quite a name for herself going after married men, sloring when she needs money and will F your husband every chance she gets if he will pay some bills for her. She will ask any man she knows for money for her own use. She is a selfish self serving USER!! She will use you too! She is also sad drunk redneck who is desperate for the attention because she used to be so fat and she constantly needs validation. She is so insecure that she readily will harass and throw insult all other women, especially if you are pretty or make her feel threatened, which of course just makes her look even more like the childish, desperate, deadbeat, immature, punk a55, fake a55 a55hole that she is. Other than being your best chance at having sex without owning any suave clothes, having great looks, a good name or any sort of reputation, you just need some money to get this dumb floozy to come and play with you. She is listed as Toni Smasheries on her swinger page too! See it at I don’t think it’s any sort of a secret!! She is also listed as Toni Smasheries on her POF dating site page. She thinks she’s so cool but in actuality it’s a joke because she is a completely broke penniless loser and also hasn’t even derby skated in over 6 years! So freaking sad she is STILL living in her old glory days and she puts up all those old pictures of herself too. You can see the dates they are OLD! She has super saggy baby bottle looking nipples with mom tits that say she bottle fed WAY too long, a belly button that looks like a wrinkled up a55hole (pucker up you dumb bitch) and a redneck beer gut! Yeah, Heather’s name has also become synonymous with the rapid spread of drds, UTI’s and BV in the Baton Rouge-Denham Springs Metropolitan area. I know someone who got sick from her stenchy, bacteria, infected twat 2 times! She is spreading it whenever she spreads her legs, which is pretty much whenever she can. #whatshanksdo When she has the luxury of a bit of liesure time after she’s done bartending, and is away from infesting mankind, she can most likely be found fiercely fighting as an activist for the advancement and popularity of competitive cum inhaling, or indulging in any or all variation of vaginal or anal stretching inside of a sh1tty trailer somewhere in Denham Springs. Her place, or her self-proclaimed “Jizzneyland”, is rumored to be furnished by a single mattress on the floor because she doesn’t even have a bed, covered with some visqueen that she sprays off from time to time with a garden hose and Lysol. It is also a city wide accepted fact that when her Verizon cell phone got shut off months ago because she went to jail for stalking, destruction of personal property, battery and repeated trespassing, she decided to take up the arduous task of hauling her drunk, flabby, dumb a55 over to the store for a new one when she got out. She had to because she knew that then she would not be able to text any potential $sugar daddy’s her new number or address, this illiterate 40 year old floozy seized the opportunity to creatively implement a new practice of directing clients to her home though in no time at all. The routine involves opening all the windows and front door, then simply lying down on her back and opening her legs and letting the stench from her (2 kids) loose twat guide them in, which has also proven astoundingly more effective for her than Google Maps or Waze. Don’t worry she send out video of herself fingering her stenchy twat and getting F up the A$$ too as a free gift for anyone to see! You can get that all on her swingers page too, just set up a free account. She needs the attention clearly. If anyone is to stumble upon the realization that they have reached a shameful all time low and are in fact being lured in by the stench themselves, I can only pray that they still have the wherewithal to understand that it is strongly recommended and their duty to their fellow men to at least take the procaution of jumping into a Hazmat suit before arrival. You have been warned! She is a skank to the highest degree and nasty, foul mouthed, piece of gutter trash.


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