Gina Thompson Miles – North Carolina

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PLEASE if you see this woman, do NOT engage with her. She has HPV (venereal warts). She cheated on both her husband’s (both were in the military). Her first husband she bought a house with and left because She missed her fuck buddy. Then she destroyed his life. She is a gold digger. Everyone she gets with has loads of money, some of them are even multi millionaires. She sucks them dry of life, energy, and money. (Most of the men now have severe mental health issues after dealing with her psychotic self). She has cheated on her husband(s) COUNTLESS times. She thinks she is the hottest thing to walk the planet and thinks EVERYONE wants her (even her son ?). When really she has fake “B” size tits and NO ass. She probably gave her STD (that she’s had for well over 15 years and told NONE of her sexual partners about) to her best friends husband. She’s also a CNA and thinks she is a medical genius but she won’t advance in the field because She can’t do math. She is also a pathological liar. She currently lives in Swansboro, NC.

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