Carl Daugherty – Indiana

Serial cheater. Married once, cheated on ex-wife. Had multiple relationships since marriage, cheated on every women he dated. He uses online dating websites such as GooglePlus, Farmers Only, POF, ZOOSK, OK Cupid, Match. He has the ability to talk to 30-40 different women at once. He will meet and actively have sex with at least 10 of them all the while pursuing 30+ women through online dating. He always carries a overflowing wallet and had charm and very attractive, funny, cute and interesting personality. Enjoys luring women in and once gaining their trust, completely crushes their hearts. Often he will prey on women with children because he had the ability to get alone well and won children over easily. He is only interested in sex for a short while then his ultimate goal is to crush your heart. Then, he will ignore you till the end of time. He also does not use protection. If you see this man, immediately turn around and never look back. He is truly a bastard for breaking so many hearts.


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