Andre T. Spriggs – Maryland

Ladies and perhaps possible gentlemen! Beware of this guy! He is a NARCISSIST borderline SOCIAL-PATH! He will meet you and appear as a knight in shining armor.

Meet you, love bomb you, gaslight you, spend on you, then you will begin to see the mental sickness in him. He will talk for hours about his kids who are grown and are jehovas witnesses! It will be like a weird bragging not like normal. However you will never meet them nor see pictures of any of his family… he lives alone in a single family home and he will invite you in constantly showing you where the panic button is located.

He has a s*** load of bibles in his house and will pretend to be a devoted Christian. He sleeps with a gun under his pillow to intimidate you. He has all the appliances and cable tv everything connected to one outlet in his house and every time he walks in or out of the house he runs down to the basement to hit the switch ! ( weird)


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