this slore pretender, wannabe socialite is one of the biggest laugh and hooked up with a dude straight out of the Texas Dept of Corrections, Thomas Delsanter. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Nik. Her parents died and left her an “inheritance” that the two of them blew through in a year on unwise purchases to include LOTS of drugs, an old 30-year old Jaguar with a tail pipe draggin’ (just to say that she “drives a Jag” LOL) and an old wooden shack in a Houston ghetto called Beverly Place, valued on the tax roles at $59,000. To add hilarity to our laughter at her, she converted an old woodshed/tool shed to an “apartment” behind their shack and tells everyone that she is a real estate investor and landlord with income producing property. Ha ha ha. I think the running water comes from a water hose fed through the window. Nik, to hear her tell it and brag to her “friends” she is a wealthy socialite born of class and distinction and proper breeding. She tries to portray that she is a “mover and shaker” and go-getter but she is an unemployed, ex-FLOOZY (just like mom) and a carpet muncher who admittedly prefers women over her boyfriend/husband, that sits on her fat a55, smoking weed all day and trolling people on the internet that she is jealous of (people who REALLY DO have sh1t going on) while her boyfriend/”oldman” cleans pools during the day for cash. …poor Thomas! This skank is a foul, loud-mouthed, crude and obnoxious fat slore…a “straight up beast,” that needs to be exposed for the fraud that she is!!!” She tries to portray herself on social media as if she is a humanitarian and philanthropist by taking in stray animals from the streets and providing them shelter, while begging for donations online. B*tch even has a donkey in her smelly ghetto backyard. This just proves one thing…you can take the girl out of the slore house/streets but you can’t take the slore house/streets out of the girl…it’s in her genes/jeans! Her smelly, fishy jeans! LOL.


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