Alan Hartman – Georgia

I have been in a relationship with this guy for about two and a half years. Previously, his ex has contacted me with several claims that he was a cheater, etc before and just about into the beginning of the relationship. A little time passed, and we had a moment of space, then were back together again. Throughout the entire time there have been questionable things. Several times I have been removed from any social contact (Facebook, etc.). He claimed it was a hacker and such. However through this, everything seemed fine. He was always having some bad luck or trouble so I have bought him a phone (iphone 5). That helped keep us in touch until recently. I have sent cards and gifts for special occasions, while I only ever received one gift (package) from him. A binder of Pokemon cards (apparently from his childhood), a fashion belt, and simple (but cheap) necklace. On the mark of two years, I sent him my late grandma’s necklace as a token. He promised a future, and even discussed a ring. Went as far as showing me the type and style it would be. Made so many promises, it made everything seem alright. Last package I sent was another phone which he was to modify so we would match. Since we were long distance, we had our time together by playing games on the PS3/apps/instant messaging/kik/etc. He messaged me that his phone broke. Eventually, he stopped replying. This was also at the time of my dog’s death, when I truly needed to talk with someone. Wouldn’t answer any form of contact I made. Since I was blocked on Facebook, I went on a family member’s device and saw that he has been with someone for almost a year while with me. Worse, it was the exact same ex that contacted me in the beginning. He has led me on and leeched on me like a bank. I don’t expect that phone now, and I regret giving him my necklace that can never be replaced. I hope that karma or justice can get him for all the wrongs that he has done with me, and possibly many others. I warn others of his fraudulence.


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