Virgelia Villegas — California

virgelia villegas, escaped Philippine with her mother and sister. she’s still on the list for most wanted fugitives, that’s why she can never return to Philippine. virgelia was a p4p as her mother is a pimp, she and her sister got in porn industry since she was 11. virgelia slept with at least 10 men each day. she was in drug selling and smuggling and was arrested in samar before put in prison for 24 years. after she got out of prison, virgelia fleed Philippine by hiding on a boat and stow away to Guam. She slept with a chef who cooks for the army. from there, she married a US solider that took her to the states. as soon as she got in the states, she divorced her solider husband saying that he has PTSD. she worked in the casino as the food server and slept with all gamblers in exchange for free room and food. In the 1990s, virgelia married a truck driver who was the delivery guy for Beverly hill hotels and got herself a job there as their janitor. once, virgelia acted as a shoe cleaner to a guest tried to kiss his butt wanting to become his mistress, she was caught by the wife of the guest and was slapped down on the ground. she eventually landed with a low class filipino parvenu that owns a trash collecting chains. virgelia has a scar on her upper back and neck and a knife scar on her lower left jaw, from her old days as a p4p being hit and whipped by clients. virgelia later married an old widower, wanting to inherit his leftovers. she had at least 4 plastic surgeries done trying to change her look, to get rid of her ugly face and to cover up her dirty past. this black widow now running a what so called pageant, in fact it’s really a p4p as virgelia and her mother used to be operating.

many contestants from miss asia usa end up in porn business or come from porn industry. it’s a show set up by virgelia, women go on stage, go through the 3 hours period and hear a list of names read which was already prepared by virgelia months ago before the show even begin. last year, virgelia was looking for people to join her pageant for free, she even offered each of them 100 dollars as she needed to fill up the stage. virgelia has no ability of running or operating anything other than p4p. she acted as a high end escort, but really just a hooker and liar. virgelia also uses online dating as a way to dig money out of men aside from collecting fees through pageant contestants. she uses different names as virgelia prod, virgi, virgo, gelia. few months ago, virgelia went on a date with a guy named Van and stole his car. 3 weeks later Van ran into her, she was with another guy and said her name was something else. she totally played ignorant and pretended she doesn’t know him. Van then went her home, where she has a underground business going, she begged me for mercy and said she’d return van’s car the next day. she never did. changed her phone number and lost from there. she then was arrested for grand theft and bailed out by her sister. court hearings have been scheduled for her next appearance, look up case number 20180104447. make sure you bring your camera and be there to capture virgelia’s ugly face!


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