Samantha Bastian – Illinois

Samantha Morrison Bastian Had been married for almost 20 yrs with 4 children when this nasty excuse for a human being showed up in our lives! She met my ex because she was my children’s teacher…can you believe that? She never cared if he was married with a family or how much she hurt my children! You wouldn’t believe some of the crap she has done to my children & myself. It takes a baseless, miserable, sad, pitiful, worthless, cheap w**** to do this to other women & families! Of course after I confronted both of them they lied & tried sneaking around thinking no one knew while we were going through the divorce but we live in a very small town…EVERYONE knew! Whenever I would see her she would get this stupid smirk on her face like she just won a prize! Really b****?? Your prize is an overweight, balding 43 yr old who is having a mid-life crisis & is excited that he can get someone else after all these years! Of course he’s going to lie to you & make it seem like it was all my fault! You can have him! You two disgusting people deserve each other! If you ever see her you’ll definitely know it’s her because she walks with her feet turned out like a duck & acts like she has a Mack truck running between her legs! Absolutely disgusting! My ex definitely downgraded with her. What is wrong with women doing this to other women? You can’t wait till they’re divorced? Can’t get a single guy? Does it make your miserable life seem not so bad when you go after a married man? Who tells these nasty humans that it’s ok to do this? Was it her mom who taught her that being with married men is ok & is she teaching her daughter to strive to be a home-wrecker just like mommy?? Of course my ex is responsible too for telling her lies about our marriage but that still doesn’t give her an excuse to do what she has done! When she would see my kids out she would try to talk to them knowing that they hate her so when I asked her to stay away from my kids she would get that same stupid smirk on her face & tell me she could talk to anyone she wants…really?? We’ll see about that! Now you’re strutting around town like you’re really someone all the while everyone in this small town is calling you filthy, disgusting names that are so fitting for you! I’m sure that makes your daughter proud! If you children have her as a teacher don’t let her meet you husband!


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