John Sims – Chicago, illinois

This guy john sims is a grade A scammer- him and his groupies Diane Cole and Michelle Wax. He created his firm black onxy lending only to take money from hard working people to support his lifestyle and stuff food in his fat face. The guy should use some of that stolen money to get lipo or hire a trainer- fat tub of lard! He just got out of jail for spearheading an ATM scam and he’s back to it again. I guess this pedo looking fuc#er hasn’t learned his lesson. He had to open a new firm john sims Consulting cause his current business black onxy lending is being investigated by homeland security and a whole bunch of other law enforcement agencies. Beware of this fat scamming bast&rd. He will talk talk talk until he gets your money then block your number and when you call from and unknown number he presents to not know who you are.


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