Jacob Anthony – Arizona

Jacob Anthony Iness Lomahoma is a cheater, liar, woman abuser & pedophile. He is 21 & openly admitts to masturbating while thinking of young girls. He abuses every female he’s with mentally, physically & sexually. He lets his “daddy” Norm a gay old man jack him off to get weed. He has admitted several times to having gay sex with this guy for weed & whatever else he can get out of him. Jacob is a medical marijuana patient who lied about where he was living to be able to keep his grow rights. He lived in Snowflake AZ from September 2017 to just recently when he fled the area to avoid legal issues. He is a very bad person. His “daddy” fills his head with a lot of scrap. He tells Jacob you’re just fine. There’s nothing wrong with you. Its everyone else. Come back to Heber & live with me babe. I’ll take care of you again. You only need me. The last woman Jacob was with even through the abuse bent over backwards to do whatever she could to help him & show him how much she loves loves him. She even suffered an almost broke them back in December because Jacob tried to poke his own eye out with it. She moved her whole family back to Snowflake AZ just to be with Jacob because he said he would take care of her & not hurt her. That same woman cries & wishes everyday to die because of the abuse she suffered from him. Jacob is on all the dating apps & has multiple facebook accounts. He also goes by Jack Iness. Jacob is very dangerous. Please stay away from him. You could be his next unfortunate victim.


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