Ishmael Smith — Texas

This sorry loser Goes around lying to woman and tires to sleep with them even though he is married and has children he’ll even bring home nasty hoes that are homeless to stay with him just so he can try to screw them. This pos tells every woman he meets that he is a marine but he’s really not or that he’s a master in ninjutsu lol this guy is really immature and retarded, an absolute loser that can’t be honest to woman nor himself. He plays like he’s all innocent but watch out he’s a weirdo that lies and tries to cover up the fact that he is a dirty dog that will sleep with anybody. He’ll even get a girl pregnant on purpose to keep her he says and then go run off seeing hoes behind his wife’s back and he can’t realize why she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Ishmael jay smith is a dumb childish selfish fukboy all he cares about is himself and getting what he wants his way


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