Corey and I were in a five year relationship, from day one he was cheating on me with his baby’s mom. He would text her all day long at work and even exchange nudes but then would delete the messages before he came home. He forgot one time and I seen it all. I forgave and moved on but then it continued. On our one year anniversary he said he never loved me and was in love with his baby’s mom. We split for a little then reconnected. This piece of shit consistently would text, send pics, and even fuck his baby’s mom when he would drop his daughter off. He mentally and physically abused me for years and I don’t know why I allowed it. After breaking it off finally he continued to text me saying he missed and loved me and then I heard from my friend he already had a new girlfriend. He was trying to do her how he did me and I put an end to it and aired out all his business. He would hide contacts under family member or friends names and even went as far to have his own MOTHER lie for him. And she’s a fucking psycho in itself. DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS BOY!!!


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