Sean Holifield, Los Angeles – California

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I met this man at a party after a concert here in Los Angeles. We texted and even sexted for a minute. He’s way older than me I’m 28 and I think he’s 45 and I realized he preys on younger women. I guess women his age don’t want him. He’s okay in the looks department but reeks of cigs when trying to holler and he also is a pill popper( he offered me X the club). Fast forward we hung out a few times and his sex game is cool but nothing to right home about. We got to get to know one another and we started to date. I realized his ass is heavy on dating sites and his handle is blkazz_. Some are private and others arent. Anytime we’re together he can’t stay off his phone and I’ve caugjt him talking to women young enough to be his child. He’s a predator and even reached out to a 16 year old. Women beware of this man and his posse! He needs to be locked up for being a R Kelly!

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