Newton and Vandahlcourte – Texas

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not against $*X workers. I’m not here to criticize women for whatever leads them to this and its not my business to judge. But when it becomes my business is when they start cruising the internet looking for married men specially because the say marriage frustrates men and makes them more desperate for good $*X which they can’t get from their boring wives <—— THEIR words from one of their ads. Also I marked out their number because I’m not giving them more advertising. Not sure if that picture was made by another woman tryna expose then as Homewreckers or they did it themselves to get more business?
I found out my fiances best man hired them to do his bachelor party. He my husband now and he fessed up. But when these 2 hoes get 2gether for a bachelor party it turns into a gangsbang. The 2 of them together “entertained” aka got f***ed by 33 men in one night. They also do an act where they f- each other with $trapon d!****. But their big finalley is a thing wear they get on their knees and face away from each other with their a$$es pressed together. They have TWO 2way d!**** & they f- each other a$$-to-a$$ AND pu$$y-to-pu$$y AT THE SAME TIME. I never get Y men like 2 see 2 women 2 gether? Butt supposed to be the high point of there act! The video of them doing this was on xhamp-ster until a couple weeks ago but was removed bc one of the ‘men’ in the audience was actually not eighteen yet. Legal in Belize where they were but not legal everywhere here.

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