Naomi Rios – Texas

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So let’s start with this tramp is a home wrecker, habitual cheater, liar and a f**** homewrecker that destroys families, jobs and is straight pure shit bag.
This chick has filed fake sexual harassment complaints, fake reports, and has accused even her own managers of harassing her just to take the heat off her. She works for CarCash off 151 and potranco.
It didn’t take much to get her to tell me how she really is 😉 just a couple of “I’m falling for you” and compliments got dat bitch willing. She even went to the extreme of sending her dumb ass husband to work and staging domestic shit just to take the attention off herself and made work hire guards because she’s a “victim” hahaha after she admitted to me how she’s not sorry that she fucked up her marriage she’s just sorry she got caught becuase her dude ain’t shit and she wanted an excuse for him to leave her ass hahahah she told me herself!! ? I hope he gets to read this so he realizes what a fuckin mistake he made marring this puta becuase I’m not even with her and I know she’s a hoe, and the bitch didn’t even have the decency to take her ring off when cheating hahahah leave this bitch and run!

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