Luke Jamison – Tennessee

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Luke Poff of the University of Tennessee department of Mechanical Engineering and Milligan College Soccer is a fuckboy, liar, and cheater. I had sex with him in September of 2017. He seemed like a nice enough boy at first, but really he is just good at pretending to be a decent person. So we continued to flirt and talk about the next time we would hook up again. We talked like on a weekly basis, and I planned to see him again in December. I didn’t know this at the time, but he started dating a girl. That month, he kept begging for me to come visit him and have sex again. He sent me a dick pic and told me how he needed him. I really wanted to see him too. But then he made a racist joke directed toward my ethnicity that upset me.. He gave a half-assed reply saying, “sorry I was a dick” but I wanted more than that. I told him that what he said was fucked up, but he just said that he didn’t know that. When I said that what he said was really racist, he blew it off. So I deleted him off Snapchat for a while.. Hoping he’d make an effort to make a sincere apology seeing how upset I was. He didn’t. I liked this guy and am a pushover, so I ended up readding him anyways in late December. He hit me up about sex again, telling me how much he wanted to see me. We flirted & sexted in Dec and January. He sent me videos of himself masturbating and told me how he wanted to do it again. I saw on his Instagram he posted a pic with his gf on Xmas day, and then pics of that same girl on his Snapchat. So I asked him if they were exclusive. He said they just started dating… BUT the pic was on Xmas! He told me they weren’t together at the time. So I wanted to believe him & wished him luck on his new relationship. But he would not have brought up the gf situation unless I asked.

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