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I have been married to Kevin John Donnelly of Perth, Western Australia for 41 years and caught him cheating on 26 November 2019 with a married woman ‘ Dorothea Farrow’ (no intentions of leaving her husband Brian Farrow). Turns out he has been getting oral sex from her weekly/fortnightly for the past 22 years.
He has now admitted to this after initially swearing it was only 2 years, and he tells me ‘she swallows, you didn’t’. Her husband told me they met my husband when he first joined the police force in 1985, and that he was dating the husbands cousin for 3 months.
We were married in 1978 and I was pregnant with our third child in 1985.
We lived in Geraldton from 1986 to 1989 and then 1989 to 1996 in Karratha. After retiring from the police force he worked as security on the mines at Area C in the north west of Western Australia.
He then worked as a Driving Assessor at Department of Transport until they received a complaint from woman that he had propositioned her for oral sex in returning for passing her driving test. He resigned.
Throughout the years if ever I had a suspicion I was told I was crazy. Never heard of gaslighting before, but have since been told by my psych that this is the term for what this narcissist did to me for our entire marriage.


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