Kelly Brock – Texas

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Had an affair with my man. Kelly Brock is a homewrecking scummy woman, she screwed a married guy at her work ulta and he was married too, he was her LP manager, his name is Chad Huntsinger and was married with kids, he was also telling me he was leaving his wife and romancing me too, at the same time !!! , I really knew better and had that bad feeling about him, thank god I was smart enough not to sleep with him, I feel terrible I made out with this guy a few times none the less I should of known better. He was a player always asking me to come meet up with him and come back to his hotel when he was in town, i feel terrible for his family and just wanted to make it known this women is why married men cheat, I did not want to be that girl who wrecks a family , funny how after 7 months not sleeping with him he finds another girl who would, makes me sick that i even kissed this ass and so sorry i even let it happen , big mistake that I will never make again never believe a married man that tells you he’s leaving his wife it’s just a move to make you feel more comfortable in what you are doing. Thank you to the person who told me about this whole thing, and shame on both Kelly Brock and Chad.

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