Cali Desimone — Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Kalie Desimone of Collegeville, Pennsylvania is a serial cheater. She was a news reporter for a local tv station in Allentown, but was fired for also being an escort. Kalie, or Cali as she went by on TV, was on a sugar daddy site called seeking arrangements. There, she met dozens of men, some married, in which she had relationships, some strictly sexual, in exchange for money and or gifts. The wife of one of her sugar daddys brought emails, text, and photographic evidence to the station. Other women and men began to come forward. Kalie attempted to lie her way out of it, but could not and she was fired. In addition to seeking arrangements, Kalie also preyed on men using other more legitimate dating apps. There she conned dozens of men into thinking that she was in an exclusive, real relationship with them, in some cases, even discussed engagement. In reality, she was using them for their resources, connections, standing in the community, money, and gifts. As a journalist, Kalie was supposed to use ethics and morals on a daily basis, but instead became a cancer in the community she was supposed to serve. She tore apart families in New York, Philadelphia, and Allentown (just to name a few), devastated men who she made believe had found something real as they invested time, feelings, and finances on her, betrayed a community, and ruined the reputation of her station and co-workers, all for the financial gain of her own bank account and lavish lifestyle. Kalie has since gone into hiding in Collegeville, where the family blames the pressures of her job and virtually anything and anyone else but Kalie. Multiple posts like this one have vanished from the internet as the family attempts to cover up it up, rather than try to make amends or show any remorse, all for the sake of their own family business. This post is here in hopes that it can warn someone that Kalie Desimone is some one that cannot be trusted. Not as a girlfriend, friend, lover, or employee. The only thing she cares about is herself, and she’s willing to lie, cheat, and manipulate to emphasize that point, often times at the expense of others.


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