Amanda Rae McCarty — Dallas, Texas

The info on that I have is Name – Amanda Rae McCarty Nice names- the redhead, Mandie, mary jane Age-32 She’s addicted to heroine and meth She has abscess all over her from the needles she uses and caught DRDS plus staph She jumps from guy to guy,who ever has the drugs she wants but it’s been confirmed from multiple guys she’s a dead lay. She claims she’s a high end FLOOZY but really she sits in these hotel rooms and steals the guys credit cards and rips them off. She uses guys to get what she wants only to sell what she got for heroin. She has set her own friends up and had them robbed or put in jail. She lives in the trashed trap house with who ever comes and goes , the cops are constantly scooping the house out. Her address{ redacted} She has stolen 600$ from a very loyal friend / ex boyfriend (14years off and on) he needed that money bad while he was locked up for something she caused and she spent 400$ at the game room and 200$ on drugs that night, he needed that money for his bond. She is the type on girl that will smile in your face, comfort you in a time of need and the mini turn away back stab you. She’s been seen talking with certain cops, and always finds a way to not get arrested when she should have been or gotten out of jail earlier then excepted. She’s a overall bitch and a sh1tty person. She claims loyalty but she’s far from that. she cant be trusted.


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