Yamil Dominguez – Florida

Yamil Dominguez plays himself off as a man that gave up everything for his current wife which he lives with but recently divorced. He doesn’t let her work not study but proclaims that he believes that everyone should live life to the fullest. He lives in Tampa and he told my wife he was being a good friend while he told her that our marriage was in trouble. He slept with her for 3 months and to this day says he owns her. So how did he go from liberator to owner. I’ve forgiven the past but I want to warn all future husbands and wives to please do not buy this guys story. He tells a tale of humanity and freedom but he only seeks to put another notch on his belt and destroys marriages. At least if he stayed with them, that would be one thing, but he sleeps with them and proclaims that he has freed them. I hope no one ever has to endure what I had to live thanks to this guy.


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