Wendy Leann Ellis — Texas

This here is Wendy Leann Ellis. Now she may look like a regular female human being, BUT… In reality this idiot is the epitome of misrepresentation and more… Much much more!!!! It’s bad enough she claims to be the daughter of someone who is now deceased but the man she claims as her biological dad and she are only 6 years apart. The lies and stories are so elaborate, you would never believe is any of it’s made up. Then there is her 15 minutes of fame with Hustler. You can look up Wendy Cortez on YouTube and see the scintillating interview…and I’m about to give away the sequel…SHE SELLS THE BABY. B1tch has no conscience, is desperate for male attention, smokes dope till her teeth fall out and claims her Doctor told her to for her Lupas, and the golden ticket right here folks…the b1tch sells babies. And here’s a public announcement for all you men out there be careful and watch out for this vulture a55 b1tch because she will trap you and the minute you don’t want her anymore because you found out all of her f****** lies she will crucify you by trying to get you put in prison. Doesn’t matter what name she’s using… Wendy Yow, Wendy Cortez, Wendy Shackleford, Wendy Bruhn, or Wendy Ellis…THEY ARE ALL CASH ASS BULLSH1T ON A STICK. ¹


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