Tony Lund – California

Certified natural, public loser trash Tony Lund always pre-schedules breakups and line up happens when things are still going uphill! There is literally no gap from deeply fond of you to betrayal 🤒. This pathetic, mentally sick shit 💀has a life long history of going after and sleep with his girlfriends’ girlfriends🤮 And in order to make himself look innocent, this life long cheater/abuser/liar will run smear campaigns so he can look innocent himself.

Pathological liar Tony Lund weaves a master web of lies for years to fool family, friends and those he duped. The double life loser creates one lie for family/friends (bad mouth those he duped) and one lie for his victims (that he has problems and is therefore sorry. And he has told his family and friends so as well).


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