Stephen Findeisen — Texas

My daughter was recently scammed by a person named Chris Findeisen. He claimed that he was an online influencer and that he can help her in gaining social media followers. He claimed to be some big-shot and persuaded her into creating some content with him. The worst part of it all is that he even tried to get some lewd photos of her! She is only 16!!! That bastard should be thrown in jail for even thinking of doing something like this. They had met in a park or something. He first told her that he runs a major YouTube channel to deceive her. He then told her that she can easily become a social media star if she gets a little support. My innocent daughter fell for his lies and asked him what she should do to gain such a following. He just told her that he can create a video featuring her and that alone can help her gain some thousand followers. He took some of her photos in normal settings and then told her that she’ll need to come with him for the video. My daughter had never met such a monster before so she obviously didn’t know about his intentions. Later on he started asking her some weird questions like ‘Does she like to show stuff?’ and ‘Does she consider herself sexy’. Who asks a 16-year-old girl such questions? What kind of lunatic is he? She didn’t tell me any of this then. I just found out all this recently when she started sobbing for no reason in the living room. When I asked her what happened, she told me this story. I don’t have much information about this monster. I have shared any links I could find about that monster here. Keep your daughters safe from this MONSTER!!!


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