Michelle Ann Esquivel — Texas

Michelle Ann Esquivel loves having sex, talking, being friends with married men. Unfortunately that’s all she can get sloppy seconds. None of these men want a relationship with her and she says that’s what she is looking for. Does she honestly think these married men would leave their wife’s for her? lol look at her. Guys have said she looks like a boy with loose skin hanging down her stomach. No tits no morals. Her kids don’t even live with her, but oh wait she is a Christian woman. She gets so drunk and sleeps with men at peoples houses. She has no respect for her self. She likes to be friends with married men that are having problems in their marriage. She is nasty inside and out. Michelle you should really try to keep away from married men and have some standards. Oh and one more thing u should get surgery to fix ur nasty skin hanging from your body and tits. 3rd time is a charm for marriage lol. Any married men looking for sex hit up Michelle. She is a sure thing.


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