Melissa Knape — Texas

Melissa Knape puts herself out there as being an authenticator of Louis Vuitton, as well as other high end bags. Many of the bags she sells through her business (Meme’s Treasures) are fake. She sold me a bag, that when I took it to the LV store for a repair, was told it was a fake! I’ve never been so embarrassed to pay so much money for a fake bag that I could have bought off Harwin Dr. Even if any of bags are authentic, her prices are almost the price of new bags and are, at times, higher than what the bags retail for at the Louis Vuitton store. She deletes any negative comments or reviews on her facebook page, which is why her page has only positive things said about her. Last year, she claimed her store was broken into and tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise was stolen and she “needed” to do a charity raffle to get back on her feet. Yet she was wearing a $200,000 diamond ring on her finger. Buyer beware with this one! She’s crafty and slick!


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