Megan Belanger — Missouri

Megan Belanger is the biggest sloot in all of Saint Charles County!! She has a Fiance and cheats on him constantly with way older married men. She has major daddy issues. Her poor Fiancé has no clue of her cheating ways. She has told me about over 5 different guys that she has slept since she has been engaged to her Fiance. She gets off on having sex with older married men and destroying their lives. She has been passing around drds  to all of these people and has never told her Fiance!! Get checked you guys this girl belongs on the dirty. She once told me she had sex with her tampon in (on accident?) and didn’t find it for TWO WEEKS in her snerf! She found it due to the ROTTING smell and had to go to the doctor for them to get it out. Yes this girl is so nasty. She even screws her married co-workers ! So unprofessional! Everyone BEWARE of MEGAN BELANGER!!!


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