Kelly Trance — Fruit Cove, Florida

This one is a true winner! married men is her specialty. She thinks that she is gods gift, however please a good look at this fugly lady. Her ugly appearance matches her insides. She isn’t winning men over with her good looks, it’s all about how far she will go in the bedroom. She somehow finds joy in ruining families, and likes being a kniving w****. She loves happy hour and/or any opportunity to get wasted and throw herself at men. She will literally stop at nothing to get some D. Word on the street is that she reaks of stale cigarettes. Also she is so fake and phony and will say whatever she can to get what she wants. She is obsessive and will literally stop at nothing to get in between marriages and relationships. She has no remorse for anyone’s relationships whatsoever. She is all over Craigslist and dating sites, pretty sure she has been prostituting for sometime. . I can’t help but feel bad for her daughter who has to live with this woman who is now trying to involve her daughter in threesomes. She plays this facade that she is this wonderful mother and sets a wonderful example. Anyone that truly knows her knows that couldn’t be further from the truth. This woman needs to seek some serious help, I mean I guess she isn’t that great of a kniving w**** as she can’t find anyone that will even marry her! She has really hit the wall the last few years! Watch out Jax! No one likes a HOMEWRECKER!


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