John Riley — Shallow Chuey

This guys one of a kind….the Mexican version of Shallow Hal. He claims he makes 6 figures working for a New Zealand company yet rents his home and complains of money troubles. He starts drinking from the minute he gets up and never leaves his home unless it’s to get booze. He is a real jerk when it comes to communication. Unless it’s all about him, he doesn’t wanna listen. He thinks he’s the sh1t and swears every woman wants him. And talk about annoying as hell, he has a bad case of OCD and will over analysis the sh1t out of something to the point of annoying the hell out of everyone. This jokster can start obsessing on something and by 5 o clock, he’s still in his pajamas, processing the same nonsense he was earlier that day. Close friends have all agreed….we don’t know what the hell he does all day. He claims he’s been single for 4 years and has grown accustomed to it, however, he goes through women like they are going out of style. This Shallow Chuey drops women if they are too fat, don’t offer to pay for things or if they aren’t into his sick twisted type of sex. Now I could see if this guy had it going on but he’s balding with a beer belly and as you can see by his dress he can’t decide if he’s a skater, band member for the local mateache band or someone trying to fit in a country crowd. . He’s so full of himself and swears every woman wants what’s in his pants. Sad part is most days he drunk and well we know what happens down South. It’s clearly him trying to overcompensate for the sad excuse of a man he is. Women he gets around, I’d make he has a jacket on that penis he thinks every woman wants. All I can say Is he’s not being forthright about everything. As many women he spends his time with, he actually had the nerve to call his ex a slore and accuse her of giving him the gift that keeps on giving. Best part of all? This guy is living as if he’s stuck in the 80’s….trying to get the band back together. He no joke thinks he’s John Taylor of Duran Duran. Sorry Chuey John Taylor is talented…hang up your guitar and get a real job. And if all this isn’t enough, his ex wife is ill and all he can say is I have no clue if she’s even alive. Seriously? Any man that can bash the Mother of his child is a real douche. This guy needs several woman to right size him and remind him….he ain’t all that! Hey John…the 80’s called and they want their music back.


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