Jessice Geboo – California

This two faced hoe bag is Jessica Geboo. This b**** can’t even take care of her own kid and has to call on friends to do it for her. She was even called out on another site for this. Would like to know why? So she can cheat while her husband is at work and on deployments. While this pathetic POS was pregnant with her son she was drinking and smoking every day. She loves to lure in her Marine wives on base as “friends” and then f*** their husbands. She lets her husband’s friends live at her house so when hubby is not home she is screwing them. Don’t get in her way though because she will take all measures necessary to prove her innocence. She recently told one of her friends that she has an STD but won’t specify which one. Hmm sounds fishy to me. Let’s talk about her drinking. Her son is constantly pawned off on neighbors so this T*** can “PARTY”. She will turn on you in an instant. She turns on every neighbor she has ever had. She will make you look bad so that she can look good. Of course her friends and family will make it known that none of this is true but that is because she is lying to them too. She won’t say anything to your face but will blast you Facebook or any other site she sees fit. She recently turned on one of her friends and made it sound like someone else did it. She is worthless and won’t even defend herself or her family. She is going to ruin her husband’s career and this poor guy doesn’t even see what she is doing. You see she is smart about it. If something comes up she plays faithful until all blows over then when the coast is clear she is at it again. She erases all text messages so no one can see them and puts numbers in her phone as other people so that no one is the wiser. Her only downfall is she runs her mouth to people she “thinks” won’t say anything. OMG REALLY!! It is time to put a stop this nonsense and expose this two timing, worthless mother and wife.


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