Janet Blanton Pinson — Missouri

So this dirty a$$ hoe used to work with me, she hops jobs almost as fast as she hops from d*ck to d*ck. Her psycho hubby is a class A stalker who she whines about nonstop but can’t seem to leave because he’s such a good catch rite? He literally spends 24/7 verbally and mentally abusing her, cheating on her, and keeping tabs on every move she makes, he’s 10/10 on the nutcase scale. She says she all about her family but lets her little bratty children act like monsters cuz she’s such a great mom yo! I used to feel sorry for her until I saw how her kids act an how she just won’t ditch that freak she’s married to, oh and Nik she likes to blow and f*ck customers in the back storage room of 2 different jobs that I know of! I honestly don’t even know how she gets away with it or who’d wanna piece of this nasty little troll. She is about 3 feet tall an looks like a oompa loompa without the spray tan. She even spends her money on drugs and then cries on facebook that somebody stole her money, yeah rite! Watch out ladies AND MEN if your S.O. walks into her job she WILL try to give him/her a piece of that DRD infected a$$ bet money on that, which is pretty stupid as jealous as her man is, but it’s how she boosts her self confidence, if somebody will f*ck her she feels better about herself, what a train wreck ! She has so many people fooled into thinking she’s a perfect little angel, put this sl*t on blast Nik , there aint nothing she won’t do and she doesn’t need to be spreading disease around without a care in the world!


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