Hasina Khan — Dallas, Texas

She was not able to find man so she stole one. The man is to blame too, but she knew he was taken and that he was struggling with midlife crisis and work.. she did not care about his girlfriend and she was out to get him when they worked together. When he tried to end it she tried to stab him and threatened him. She finally ended it for him. She couldnt wait for the guy to tell his girlfriend. Hasina even spoke the girlfriend and said that he never liked you and that she would never understand there love and she was going to do whatever it takes to keep him. She also said the girlfriend never had a chance. She even texted the girlfriend after she moved out of the house to let her know that they were officially a couple. She is 20 something and he. Is mid 40s. Her next plan is to get married to him. Don’t let the baby face fool you. She has a bad soul and will do anything to get what she wants, even if the man doesn’t want her that much either.


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