Grace Gantt — Texas

This chic is deceptive an has no morals! She cheats with some of the dirtyest niggas in the city an will fukk after hours of meeting them. She brings random niggas around her children not knowing if the man would do something to them or not. She is very cross action. An will have u in the middle of sh1t without a nigga knowing. Wen caught in the act she lies to the point she try to blame you or others for her getting caught. Most of money is from child support an her kids ssi checc. If u cross her path be careful she like to spend money on niggas to try an control him. If u dnt need her for anything9 out of 10 she gonna go to a nigga that has nothing. She gonna tell her friends all ur biznezz talk down then take all ur sh1t to give to another nigga. She will fukk ur best friends brothers an cuzzins or dads too. She got a gay friend she always with. His boyfriend died dnt knw if its from aids so be careful cuz that b1tch might have them killer ticcs. Watch out yall the b1tch is deadly. Just a warning enter her sh1t at your own risk. Ijs.


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