Devin Parks — Missouri

Where to even start. Devin is a woman beating, alcoholic, who gets in relationships with women, and tries to hook up with trannies off the internet behind his gfs back. He now has had 2 restraining orders on him by ex’s. He held a gun to one of his girlfriends head and threatened to take his own, and her life. Now just recently the f$cker beat his most recent girlfriend while his own child was with him. He thinks he is some sort of gangster, but he is really just a big piece of sh1t who likes it in the a55. He will get on online chats and meet random nasty woman and call them to help him beat is 3 inch d1ck. Beware ladies, and trannies!!! He puts charm out there but when it comes down to it, it’s fake. That’s not who he is. He is a psycho!


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